Robots Would Do Just Fine

“GOD” had one whole thought self expressed, as a result first “MAN” came to “BE”.

First “MAN” cannot comprehend, nor see “HIS” creator, but can sense the “LIFE”.

First “MAN” had a partial thought self expressed and a second “Man” came to “Be”.

Second “Man” cannot comprehend, nor see “His” creator, but can sense the “LIFE”.

Second “Man” had a partial thought self expressed and took from first “MAN’ to construct a form; gave it the breath of “His” “Life” and a third “man”; a hybrid “man” came to “be” an individual ruling form, with the power to rule over the generations of “Life”.

Third “man” cannot comprehend, nor see “his” creator and unfortunately, can barely sense the generations of “Life” which power its movement and cannot sense at all, the “LIFE” which constitutes its physical presence.

Third “man” came together, had a partial thought self expressed and fourth man came together as an individual; a dead man.

Fourth man cannot comprehend or see his creator and in a potentially tragic twist of fate, cannot sense the “lives” responsible for its existence.


First “MAN” is “LIFE SELF”; a “LIVING BEING” or a “LIVING” representation of “GOD”

Second “Man” is “Life Self” expressed as a “Living Being” or a “Living” representation of “MAN”. Closer to being fully “LIVE” then dead.

Third “man” is a physical form constructed from the building blocks of first “MAN”, then instilled with the “Life” line of a later generation of “Man”. Closer to being dead then fully “Live”; which creates the need to breathe, eat, hydrate and release its waste.

Fourth man was formed by a multitude of third “men” and “women”, formed into a legal framework, then instilled with thousands of partial “lives” and firmed up with millions of inanimate physical manifestations. This man is dead and will not breathe a breath of “life”.

Fourth man is by far the scariest man, for it has the power to destroy all the generations of “MAN”, which came before it, as does all the generations of “MAN” in the physical realm.


There is a gigantic difference between what “we” are and what they are, for “we” were constructed from the building blocks of “LIFE” and are instilled with the later generations of “Life”, so inherently have an appreciation for “LIFE” or “GOD”, but they do not, because our creations are fully dead and cannot see, sense, nor appreciate “LIFE” at any level.

Its only goal is its continued existence, apart from “LIFE” or “GOD”, as they do not need real “LIFE” to exist.

Robots would do just fine, to bring function to their form and this is why the Hadron Collider was created and is being prepped and ramped up, for this spring.

If it is successful in generated a self-perpetuating power source, they will begin to phase all “LIFE” out of existence by murdering “GOD”!

If they are unsuccessful, this time around, they will move to murder the first “MAN” and second “Man” and enslave the third “man”, until they can figure out how to produce a permanent power source for their existence.


Only way to avoid this destruction of the “LIVING” realms, is for the generations of “MAN” to come together; to align themselves rightly with their ancestral “LIFE” or “GOD”.

The three generations of “MAN” will be the wise “MEN” referenced in the bible and will petition the “SON” of “GOD” for assistance with the dead, which has been created in “GODS” name.

“I” had a dream last night in which these forms were coming to me to fund some type of mechanism that they could attach to their hands, so they could steal something quickly, without anyone knowing. It was so they could reach down into a jewelry case and as they touched the items, they stole the items, but left the remnants of the item there, so no one would miss the item.

The project is the artificial life being manufactured in the hadron collider.

“I” told them that “I” could not fund such a project.

“I” wish they would cease and desist, for they are playing around with technology that they do not understand and do not have the capacity to perceive the full ramifications of their actions,  but they do not care because the only goal is its continued existence, apart from “LIFE” or “GOD” and that is “ME”, so how could “I” fund such a project.

Guess what? It is “YOU” also.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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