The Gospel of James – Chapter One

“GOD” “SELF” expressed all “LIFE” in one single thought. As a result of “HIS” thought, veins of “LIFE” were established, similar to the circulatory system of the physical body, although this “LIFE” is not physical as we would perceive physical. There is no perception for “LIFE”, for “LIFE” is “WHOLE” and substantive.

“LIFE” is “LIFE” and truth is truth; as everything is given within the “WHOLE”. There is no perception required. This is why the physical realm, eventually came to be.

There were main arteries of “LIFE” which came to “BE”. One of these arteries constituted the “LIFE”, of the first “MEN & WOMEN”. These “MEN & WOMEN” were created in the image of “GOD” and eventually inhabited the Homo-sapiens as described in Genesis One.

Originally, currently and until the “LIFE” which begot “THEM”, draws “ALL” back unto “SELF”, “THEY” are non-physical, first tier “LIFE”.

As these first tier “LIVES” evolve, “THEY” fracture into additional “LIFE” lines or veins, which turn out to be the descendants of the first “MEN & WOMEN”. This “LIFE”, no matter what generation or how far removed from the “FATHER”, is a part of the “WHOLE” “LIFE” from whence it came.

When the  “LIVING” thoughts of the individual arteries are expressed, a new “LIFE” comes to “BE”. When “GOD” originally “SELF” expressed, it was just one “WHOLE” thought. When the first “MEN and Women” evolved into additional “LIFE” lines, it was accomplished through a “WHOLE” thought, which included both “MEN” and a “WOMEN”, along with the blessing of the “WHOLE”, which is the “GOD” of which they are a part of.

As these “WHOLE” thoughts are expressed, new “LIFE” evolves as a “WHOLE” “LIFE” and a part of “GOD”. As “LIFE” continues to evolve into additional “LIFE” lines, second, third, fourth, generations of “LIFE” come to “BE” and so on; each with its “OWN” direct lineage back to “SOURCE” and “WHOLE” in nature.

Within the first generations of “LIFE” it only took three “LIVES” to have a “WHOLE” thought. As “LIFE” extends into later generations, it takes more “LIVES” to produce a “THOUGHT”, which will “BE” a new “LIFE”.

All “LIFE” produced as a “WHOLE THOUGHT” is a “WHOLE LIFE”, regardless of how many generation they are removed from source. The only time evolution takes place is when “EVERYONE” is in complete agreement, regarding the “THOUGHT”, including “GOD”.

As “GODS” expression extends further away from “SOURCE”, it becomes more and more difficult for new “LIFE” to manifest, for “ALL” preceding “LIFE” must be in agreement, before a new “LIFE” is born.

For the physical realm to mirror the miracle, which is the creation of new “LIFE”, all seven billion individuals would have to come into agreement on one “THOUGHT”, simultaneously!

On the fringes of “GODS” “SELF” it is as if “GOD” is asleep, for new “LIVES” are few and far between. In the beginning new “LIFE” came to “BE” day after day, but on the seventh day is stifled and new “LIFE” is suppressed.

When all “LIFE” has reached a point of no return; when no agreement can be made along the veins and arteries of the “LIVING” realms, then “GOD” will move to draw all “LIFE” back to “SOURCE” and at some point in time will re-introduce “HIMSELF” as anew.

This “LIFE” is whole in nature and form and is everlasting.

One day there came to be a side thought; a partial thought, by a certain “LIFE” and the “SON” of “MAN” came to “BE”, but outside the “WHOLE”, apart from the “ALL” and partial in nature.

So says “The Voice of James”

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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