The Dismantling of The United States of America

When I was younger I remember, on multiple occasions, seeing the demolition of building structures. The demolition companies used to come in with a crane and a wrecking ball and simply destroy the entire structure and lay it as flat as possible in its own footprint. Later on as time passed they would set explosive charges and destroy the structure from within and in seconds drop the whole building into its footprint.

What they do now, is slowly dismantle the structure from the inside out. They pull the mechanical systems, the plumbing fixtures, piping, the electrical conduits all the wiring; anything and everything they can easily get at and remove, without too much damage to the structure itself.

People drive by the building every day and if they are not intimately familiar with the structure, the demolitions goes on for weeks, completely unnoticed. By the time they take the windows out, the entire building has been stripped clean of what had made it whole.

If you would have had any notion to stop the demolition, by the time you noticed what was really going on, the whole of the building would not be worth saving. At the realization of a dismantling after the fact, any interested parties would be unable to remedy the situation.

The demolition company and their interested parties would pronounce; “I just did my job”.

The parties which were supposed to care for the integrity of the structure will say “it is too late to save her and the only thing we can do now, is to just move on”. They will go on to say; “we are just like you and did not see the demolition going on”.

I am here to tell you; they are lying to you. You and I certainly could say, “I did not know the building was under demolition”, but the ones who were hired to care for the integrity of the building actually, work inside the building.

It is impossible not to notice the building you are walking around in being demolished. It is even harder to deny if you are one of those individuals carrying out a piece of copper or scrap iron every day and taking it to the recycling center and cashing in on what you were supposed to be nurturing and protecting.

There is not a harsh enough punishment for those who are dismantling and cashing out. I am not even sure if their families will be safe.

For those walking around the building everyday, watching folks tearing apart the structure and walking off with pieces to it, shame to you and your families. You will lose everything because you had no righteousness, courage or morality. Shame, disgrace and loss will be your penance.

When the windows are finally removed and every individual on this planet comes to realize the building has been ransacked, they will say to us; “sorry, but this had to be done”. They will say; “do not worry, we have another structure in place”. They will tell us this new structure will save us all and they will try and convince us they can still be trusted and they will take care of us.

If we put our foot down and demand a building of our own choosing, they will cut our foot off and will show themselves for what they are; traitors to humanity.

I beg you to get out of your car and walk up to the window of your choosing. You will see what I have seen.

The building can still be salvaged, but we must halt the demolition. Soon it will be too late, if it is not already so.

Our creations have destroyed the building, because the building stifled their growth and evolution. The only way they can survive, with any permanency is to build a structure which will care for them, above us.

The only force which can curtail their growth or a terminate their existence are the creators. In order for them to survive, they must own the creators.

The Dismantling of The United States of America is almost complete. Please take a look for yourselves.

You will find the real war is between the creators and the created. It is just like the war going on now between us, as a created race and the ones which created us.

There are so many wars going on and I feel like I am the only one that can see them. It seems like the mass of individuals can only see the wars they are being shown.

Is there anyone else out there that can see what I can see?

Offered Painfully from The Voice of James

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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