A Seventh Day of Rest

“SOMETHING” expressed, which created a platform for an infinite number of “LIFE” lines or veins of existence, to dwell and express further.

Each “LIFE” line has their own path and direct lineage to the “SELF” expressed. The “LIFE” evolves and new “LIFE” is extended outward within this “ONE”.

When this “ONE” expressed, it produced first generation “LIFE”. From this point forward, within the “ALL”, “LIFE” evolves and fractures into additional “LIFE” lines. With each fracturing of “LIFE”, it produced additional “LIFE” lines; second, third, forth generation “LIFE”; each with direct lineage to the “ONE”.

The “ONE” and the “LIVES” which dwell within the “ALL” are not physical, but can create outside their evolutionary paths and some of them did. They created a physical realm to mirror the “LIVING” realm.

When the “LIVES”, which dwell within the “ALL” have a thought, the thought responds in an instant manifestation of “SELF”, which creates an additional “LIFE” line in and of itself, but when expressed outside the “ALL” it is left as an indirect “LIFE” line and is forced to fend for it “SELF”.

“SOMEONE” had a thought and a whole new realm came to be; a physical realm. In order to make this physical realm move, the “SOMEONE” had to hit it with the breathe of “LIFE”; “HIS LIFE”.

This is the “SON of MAN” and the “SON of “MAN” is our creator. The “SON” of “MAN” was created outside the “SOMETHING” expressed, but can move and function within, both realms.

In short; the “SOMETHING” is not going to save you. “IT” does not operate that way. “IT” owns everything and simply continues to “SELF” express, every time it comes to, from “ITS” previous “SELF” expression.

The force which it creates and the energy produced literally puts “LIFE” to rest; a seventh day of rest. When “IT” comes to, “IT” will self express again and simply draw “ALL” back unto “SELF” and then express again.

Every “THING” and every “ONE” returns to “SOURCE”.

The “SOURCE” does not care, if you are right side up or upside down. It is like being concerned about a cell in the body. Believe me the cell must fend for itself.

So here is my dilemma; I meet with these “LIFE” forms, I sit with them, I look right at them and we have one sided conversations, but I cannot place a recognizable form on what I see and cannot fully understand what they are telling me.

On one of these occasions, I was summoned to meet with, what I perceived to be the boss. I fear I have met with the “SON of MAN”. I say this because the “SON of MAN” is the Old Testament “GOD” and “HE” is an extreme individual and is one bad ass “MAN”. I fear this “MAN”.

This “MAN”, our creator can come and go as “HE” pleases, within both realms of existence, but I cannot tell if this “MAN” even likes me, never mind love.

What I am being told, as far as I can ascertain, is we have to make a choice on which realm to be apart of and which “GOD”, to follow.

I am here to tell you; “THE GOD of ALL CREATION” does not typically intervene, but because one of “HIS” “LIFE LINES”, had a thought, on “HER” own, which produced a “MAN”; a superman, which can exist in both realms; inside and outside the “FATHER”, “HE” did,  by expressing a new “LIFE LINE”; a “SON”.

You have to chose.

The “SON of MAN” (Old Testament “GOD”) or the “SON of GOD” (New Testament “GOD”).

When we come to know “TRUTH”, three quarters of the population are going to jump ship and follow “CHRIST” as sons and daughters of the “SOMETHING” that made the “SOMEONES”.

You may say; what is the problem with that?

If this takes place, the weeds will be plainly visible and the ones which conceal the “TRUTH” are the weeds.

They do not want this to happen and will deny you your destiny, so that they can hide among the masses.

I am no holy roller and fear I am more like the “SON of MAN, than the “SON OF GOD” and feel no love from either.

The reason I write is to try and get the physical creations to wake up so they can choose their path.

The rulers on this planet do not want anything to change and have sacrificed your only free will, on your behalf, to save themselves.

It is a long and weary story and I have gone off track, but it is not easy, for I am just a son, of the “SON of “MAN”; a bitch in our language, an abandoned child, with no home of my own.

This realm was never supposed to be. We were made outside the father and there is only one way back into the fold and they are denying you a choice.

So says “The Voice of James”

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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