No Partiality In Truth – Edward Snowden

There is more than one form of programming used to control and manipulate the masses, but the most widely used form is what I like to call “A” Certain Value Programming; whereas A/A – B – C = ACV, with A and B constituting all known data or options and C, constituting a truthful representation of reality.

A hypothetical scenario of “A” Certain Value Programming is the government coming in to my home, taking me away and detaining me, under statutes within the patriot act; as some kind of enemy combatant. They confiscate my computer and all my writings. Then, they go through all my material and run values against it; their values.

When it comes time to defend their actions they show you a sampling of my writings. Consider these sample writings; “A” content, but they do not show you the rest of my writings, which would be the B content. Without the B content, you are denied the value of C, which is the whole story or the truthful representation of reality. This is “A” Certain Value Programming. The way it should work is; A + B = C; with “C” constituting the truth.

The ruling elites on this planet use the media, along with overt and covert government workers to show you “A”, but leave out all the B content, which denies you a truthful C-Value. They show you , let us say, 10 out of 100% of the content, but choose what 10% to show you. In this way they are misrepresenting the truth in an effort to control the values established by the masses.

Without all of the B content, “A”  is a lie, because it does not fully establish a truthful representation of actual events or meaning, which is always the C-Value. The way our physical form works is, it takes in a piece of data, any piece of data and establishes a value, every single time, based on the data presented, but if we are not given all the data or the whole story, then it is impossible to form a truthful C-Value, which denies mankind a truthful existence.

The government could take a sampling of my writings; “A” and easily leave you with a feeling, which is the value established by the form, of me being some kind of nut or they can take a sampling of my writings; “B” and make me out to be some kind of saint, but if they deny one or the other, then you are denied the “TRUE” C-Value.

What solidifies “A” Certain Value Programming is to get the masses to pick a side of “A”, which in this case would be; am I a nut or a saint. This is “A” content divided. They show you a nut and then get you to argue about whether or not it is true. The more tense and heated the debate becomes, the more powerful the programming is, because once you choose a side with any emotion, the value is locked into the form and you own the value.

If they can simply get us to focus on the “A” content divided, then we lose track of B and most certainly the “TRUE” C-Value, but if they can get us to choose a side of “A”, then we do not just lose track of B & C; B & C cease to exist, as far as the mind and body is concerned and this is the nail in the coffin, although we cannot see the coffin yet, as this will fall upon a programmed ear and dismissed as insignificant by most of the population.

I have always pondered the reasons why, we do not ask for the B content. I always believed it was because we were afraid, but this is not the case. It is the division of the “A” content which turns out to be a wall or veil, which leads to the perception, there is no B content or options. What we do from there is establish our C-Value from “A” content alone. The division of “A” is absolutely critical to the formula; without it, we would naturally seek all the data.

It is not truth, unless it is valued against 100% of the data. There is no partiality in truth. You either have ALL the data or you do not have truth; you have spin and perception of truth only.

Remember, the media outlets are not doing you a service by providing both sides of the “A” content, they are trapping you. They are not doing this purposely. They are just like we are. They are given data and what ever data they are given, they simply run with it and make a darn good living doing so. A good journalist used to search for and distribute the B content and that used to be a valuable resource, which was provided to humanity.

I would like you to consider one more real life example of “A” Certain Value Programming. Edward Snowden has a bout of conscience and provides the whole world with the B content, regarding our civil liberties and what the folks mentioned above did, was give us massive amount of the “A” content, which was that he violated his agreement to keep silent.

The “A” divided becomes about whether or not this guy is a traitor or not and this is all you hear about. Pick a side; traitor or hero. pick a side, any side and the veil is established and we can no longer see the B content. Which is obviously that our government workers are spying on the masses and infringing upon our rights as described in The Declaration of Independence.

The most important, factual B content ever brought to the masses to date and it is completely forgotten. Dividing “A” works every single time and what is most scary to me is that it works on every body, no matter how smart or successful. It is actually terrifyingly simple.

Remember, I am just an average run of the mill physical creation. I am not smart nor am I quick minded. I am not financially successful or powerful, but what I have always been, is some body which could see past the “A”  Certain Value Programming. Because of this I have always felt like some kind of freak, because I never saw things the way every body else did.

Understand how your mind and body works and accept what your nature is and stop being drawn in to discussions based on limited data.

It is time to demand all of the B content, so we can ascertain a C-Value for ourselves.

So says “The Voice of James”



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Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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