It Is Like Killing Your Baby

Our creations have evolved and we have not.

This is why we cannot see the evolution.

The creator has become the servant.

It is our lack of evolution which allows for the continued growth and fragmentation of our creations.

Our governments, corporations, monetary and fiduciary institutions, military and industrial complexes, insurance industries, health organizations, natural resource cartels  and our technologies have grown by leaps and bounds over the last seventy-five years or so, but we have not grown.

We have grown in number, but individually we have been stagnant and have not evolved.

Our creations have a love hate relationship concerning us.

Their current intended purpose is to serve our needs and are nothing without us, but on the other hand view us as an enemy, because we are the only force which can curtail their growth or exterminate their existence.

There comes a point in time in the physical realm, when the creator must make a decision: become a part of our own creations and follow their evolutionary path as servants or take back what was so freely given and evolve along our newly chosen evolutionary path as creators of our own destinies.

At our current level of evolution, we operate as separate units which only come together to create, but then quickly disperse as individuals, which weakens the whole and leaves us vulnerable to attack.

In order to take back our lives, we must evolve and go against our nature and come together to destroy what we have created.

This is not revolution, it is evolution.

It is like killing your baby.

Our creations are our children and it is not yet in our nature to destroy our creations.

Our current level of evolution will hinder our ability to move when we know we must, for even if we knew for certain, our children would grow up and choose to destroy us, we would still not be able to avert our destruction.

An evolved being would not only be able to see it, but would be able to cut themselves loose, one way or the other.

I am not sure we will be able to accomplish this task, but if we do not they will enslave us, as this is essential to their survival.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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  1. PeterJ says:

    James – I really enjoyed this ( like most of your posts) and think I see what you’re getting at. I hadn’t thought of it like this before but would share much the same view. It could be made more clear though. You rather lost me about half way through and I stayed rather lost to the end. It was as if I’d missed a sentence somewhere without which the rest didn’t quite hang together. This might be my fault, but if two people say it then it’s yours. 🙂

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