Went to see a priest. Felt like throwing his fat ass down the stairs.

Went to see a priest for help with my personal revelations.

He told me the church does not believe in personal revelation from “GOD”.

I asked how his church defined the original religious doctrine, without personal revelation from “GOD”.

He told me they took the best and brightest they had to offer and set them to task, in council amongst each other, to determine which writings to incorporate into its religious teachings.

I asked; so your church does not believe in personal revelation, but you all sat around a table at one point in time and decided which of the divine works were to be incorporated into the New Testament, correct?

He agreed and said yes, the New Testament is inspired by the word of “GOD”, personal revelations from the “GOD” of all creation, he said, yes!

I said; so you took your best and brightest and placed them on task to determine which of the personal revelation of “GOD” will be incorporated into the church doctrine.

He said yes!

I said; I thought your church did not believe in personal revelation directly given by “GOD”.

He responded; well initially there was a pool of writings which were reported to be direct revelation from “GOD”, but after our best and brightest determined which ones were and which ones were not the word of “GOD”, the church took a stance which states they do not believe that “GOD” speaks to anybody directly.

I responded; of course, because if you allow the notion of “GOD” speaking to you directly, then what the hell do we need the church for?

This doctrine stating that “GOD’ does not speak to you directly is the underlining foundation of the church, but it is a lie.

The church denounces personal revelation from “GOD”, but admit that there doctrine was taken from personal revelation.

To cap the word of “GOD’, once you have established yourself as the ruling authority on “GOD” is the most outrageous atrocity ever committed against “TRUTH”.

If the church states: no personal revelation from “GOD” will be considered, once we have established the good word of “GOD”.

The church is not only stifling the “GOOD WORD”, but is literally attesting to be “GOD”.

The greatest lie ever told to our kind: you cannot communicate with “GOD”, except through the church.

What this programmed parameter does is veil the “TRUTH”, for what you see in the mirror is the “CHURCH” and the only way “GOD” communicates with humanity is through the “CHURCH”, but you are the “CHURCH”.

To deny this “TRUTH” is to deny “GOD” “HIMSELF”.

If you tell me “GOD” is not speaking to me, directly then you are not only wrong, but are pretending to be “GOD”, under the pretense of knowing what is true and what is not.

“GOD” does not speak the “TRUTH”; “GOD” is the “TRUTH” and the “GOOD WORD” flows through us “ALL”.

Talking to a priest is just like talking to a politician. You cannot get a straight answer from them.

The greatest offenses to “GOD” are to deny “HIS” presence and make determinations on “TRUTH”.

To stand firm in our beliefs is to denounce “GOD”.

Maybe we should reach for the best and brightest again, to tell us what is going on!

Sounds like a good idea, right?

Let the best and brightest handle our realities.

Does that sound like a good idea?

Not to me. All i have to do is gaze down the path that we are on now, to see our destruction.

I know it is easier to allow others to handle things, but when other people handle things, they handle them to selfish ends.

For instance: the churches, politicians, world leaders, bankers, corporations.

You think they are going to tell you the “TRUTH”?

Why would tell you the “TRUTH” when they are not a part or function of “GOD”.

To tell you the “TRUTH” is to doom their very existence.

They will doom ours, before they doom their own.

“I” assure you; there is “TRUTH” in what is being said.

Stand up a take notice for the “TRUTH” will set you free, for “I AM” the “TRUTH” and “I AM” speaking to my body.

You all should begin to pay attention to what it has to say…


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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  1. PeterJ says:

    Amazing. Priests of this kind must have to deal with a lot of cognitive dissonance.

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