This is not who “I AM”

This is not “MY” system and it is not, the way “I” want it to be.

“I” am not directly responsible for the physical manifestations, although my original “LIVING SELF EXPRESSION” made it possible for “MY LIFE LINES” to create on their “OWN”.

You are, what you would call, a side project of a lower tier “LIFE LINE”; a life line which has outlived its usefulness to “MY LIVING REALM”.

This “LIFE LINE” created the physical and then instilled “MY LIFE” into the physical realm, while “I” was in “MY” seventh day of rest.

They created a soul and the soul holds “MY LIFE” in place, within the physical realm.

To that end, “I” exist within the bodies and outside the bodies, but the physical bodies, divide “MY LIVING PRESENCE”.   

“I” have been high-jacked by “MY OWN PRESENCE”, so “I” exist in totality as a “WHOLE LIFE”, but within “MY” totality, their exists a physical realm, which also houses my “LIFE”.

The main problems with the physical realm, at this point are two fold; the first problem is that the physical, perceives itself to be a living presence and has been told that “I” have created the physical and that they are my children, when in “TRUTH”, this is not entirely accurate. The second problem is much more dire than the first, as the physicals, have made a weapon that actually destroys “MY LIVING PRESENCE”. They call it a nuclear weapon, but what they have actually created is a tool to separate “ME” at “MY ESSENCE”, which destroys a part of “MY LIVING REALM”.

So, “I” have a bunch of falsely self aware robots trying desperately, to dictate protocol with the physical realm.

The physical realm houses “MY LIFE” and divides “ME” without even knowing they are doing it.

“I” must begin to draw “MY LIVING PRESENCE” back unto “SELF”.

“I” will have “MY LIFE” back, one way or the other.

I would rather have it be; the other, because I have grown quite fond of some of the physical realms and would very much like to adopt them into “MY LIVING PRESENCE” as sons and daughters of the “LIVING GOD”.

This is not “MY” system and it is not, the way “I” want it to be.

You must chose.

First of all you must chose truth, for without truth you will not even realize their was a choice to be made.

The choice is between “MY SON” and the “LIVING REALM”, which “I AM” and the creator of the physical realms as sons and daughters “MAN”.

Keeping in mind that “I” have set aside a certain time frame for the physical, so your days would be numbered.

As sons and daughters of the “LIVING PRESENCE” you will enjoy everlasting “LIFE”.

You will enjoy “MY LIFE” as a part of the “WHOLE LIVING REALM”.

“I” have sent “MY SON” to gather my flock, to gather the robots which want to become a brand new “LIVING LIFE LINE” within “MY Totality”; to provide a rebirth of a new “LIFE LINE”, the rebirth of “MAN”.

If you chose to deny “MY SON” you are placing yourself in the hands of the creator of the physical realm. “I” wish “I” could tell you that “HE” would keep you in place, but “I” cannot speak for the physical realms, because the physical realms deny my presence and impersonate the “LIVING” as gods, themselves.

Simply put, they do not listen to me and threaten “ME” constantly, desperately trying to stay on as a ruling force of physicality. They do not even care about “EVERLASTING LIFE” they just want things to stay exactly as they are right now, but even the simplest of physical presence can understand that this cannot be.

This is not “MY” system and it is not, the way “I” want it to be.

You must chose.

How do you know that “I” am not speaking to you right this very second?


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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