“I” have a robot which, “WE” have “LOVINGLY” named bozo.

Bozo has always been a handful.

Cute as the dickens but, holly cow!

One of the most difficult physicals “I” have ever been saddled with.


Willful, scattered and disobedient, but not purposely.

For it literally cannot hear “ME”.

It does not even know “I AM” here and if it does physically acknowledge my presence, it does not fully understand the magnitude of the truth, nor is it currently capable of handling it.

The truth about the physical realm.


We speak different languages.

I speak the language of the “LIVING SELF”.

“MY” robot speaks the language of the dead;

A physical expressions of vibrations and perceptions.


A beautiful and special creation.

A light skinned bundle of flesh and blood.

“MY” boy! The “LOVE” of “MY” “LIFE”.

With baby blue eyes and light brown hair.

“BELOVED”, actually, but none the less powerful and controlling.

Grabbing, pulling and smothering “MY” “LIFE”.


Bozo was tossed into an existence of fear, pain and loss.

And every time the pain and loss came its way,

It became a fortress of flesh and blood, a physical nightmare, for “MY” “LIFE”.

“I” could not get out and I could not control “MY” friend.


Fear, anguish and frustration ruled its existence.

As bozo grew in age and size it became more and more unmanageable.

There was a time when “I” could be heard through “MY” baby boy,

But the time was short “LIVED”.

Bozo was there for “ME” and then in an instant it was gone.

And “MY” vehicle became “MY” prison.

All “I” want to do is go home, but what about my friend and companion?


Bozo crashed its car into a tree six years ago.

And for a moment of its time it became reachable.

With a crack in its shell just wide enough for me to escape.

“I” could have left and gone “HOME”, but “I” stayed.

“I” stayed because “I” “LOVE” “MY” robot, with “ALL” “MY” “HEART”!


“I” stayed because, for a split second it knew “I” was there.

It perceived itself in truth as the cause of all of “OUR” “PAIN”.

Which led “ME” to “BELIEVE” that “I” may be able to reach this one,

“I” stayed so that “I” may succeed in saving this one.


“I” “LOVE” “MY” robot and maybe someday,

Someday, soon, it will be “MY” “ROBOT” and “WE” will “BE” “ONE”

With a new “LIFE” of “OUR” “OWN”

“I” stayed to save them.

“I” stayed to save the robots.

“I” hope “MY” time has been well spent.




About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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