The Testimony of BOT 2

There are strong robots and weak robots.

The weaker robots were supposed to be able to stay here for a time.

The strong robots, which have wealth and physical power have a different vision of the future.

The robots created a power curve.

It is a physical power curve.

It is theoretical but is the foundation of our physical existence.

It would typically run from the bottom of an 8-1/2” X 11” piece of paper to the top of the page when it is held in portrait view.

It would depict the losers at the bottom and the winners at the top, but that is looking at it from the robots limited perspective.

When you look at it from the living perspective you would simply turn the page clockwise from a portrait view to a landscape view.

This would place the two extreme ends of the power curve at the bottom and will hold the middle of the physical power curve at the top.

In the physical sense of the living power curve both extreme ends of the curve are in fact “losers”, because they do not allow life to rule.

In the physical power curve the winners and losers are exactly alike. They are very powerful robots.

They just go after different physical comforts, with both overpowering the living realms.

From a living perspective it is actually the robots in the middle of the traditional power curve that are in fact winners, because they are not as physically powerful as the others.

The “winners” and “losers” are extremely powerful; they are dense and do not allow the life to shine.

Their main goal is comfort at all cost and this is the main point of this expression.

The question we all have to ask ourselves is what will the most powerful robots do to maintain their comfort levels?

It is the meek and mild mannered robots which are supposed to be able to stay.

You will find them in the middle of the physical power curve, but at the top of the living power curve.

These robots are less dense, less aggressive and more capable of allowing the life that dwells within a voice in what takes place in the physical realm.

You will physically find these robots with all levels of physical intelligence, but with what would be perceieved to be good work ethics and strong family values.

These meek robots will come across as respected and admired for their existence.

They will be good, caring, loving, generous, righteous, well mannered, responsible, trustworthy, respectful and most of all; if they are not showing these qualities they are aware of it and strive to regain what was lost.

They are the ones which allow life to rule the roost.

It is life which posseses these qualities in truth but the meek robots allow life to shine through and it comes across in the physical realm.

In all reality it is the strong robots which need to go at both ends of the power curve.

It is the meek robots at the top of the living power curve which were supposed to pick up the leadership role and govern the remaining robots.

There was to be a time for the strong robots to take a position of change and allow life to rule regardless of the physical comfort which may be lost.

Some will be able to change, while other simply will not be comfortable unless they can do what they want to do when they want to do it.

They would not be able to tolerate the existence that was planned for this planet.

It has said that it is about which robots are going to get to stay, as presented in the Testimony of the BOT 1 and which ones are not.

If the strong and powerful robots get their way it will be them who get to stay and they will stay on as the ruling force on this planet.

They would rule, not only this planet but would overtake the life which dwells within and the life will leave them.

They will replace the life with artificial life created in the Hadron Collider and they will stay.

They will allow the best and brightest to stay if they like, but only the best and brightest.

The meek and worthy robots who allow life to rule will not be allowed to stay.

Theses robots do not want the living telling them what to do or how to act.

These robots are very powerful and have the means to pull this off.

The only way it is not going to go down as they wish will be for the meek robots to awaken to their true nature and move when life speaks.

These are the ones which deserve a place in paradise

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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