The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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Best Case Scenario

I have been sad, for a long, long time. I was just one of those that never really wanted to be here. A good day for me is if I only want to self terminate once or twice in a given day. A bad day, is real bad.

You may find yourself feeling sad about this and I certainly understand, but want you to know that I am OK.

You see, I do not think we are supposed to be here and the feeling of wanting to leave, is just a natural yearning to return home to my God.

In order for this belief to be true, then our entire belief system would have to be false, but if you think about our current belief system and ask yourself, how is this belief system working out for us, then you would probably agree; not too well and further agree that maybe we are wrong.

I have spoken to friends, family and spiritual individuals and to a form, they all say the same thing, in general terms; either God, a higher power, order or force wants me to stay. Even the ones that do not believe in God say that I should stay.

Just imagine if what I say is true and a later generation of Gen. I Man took a piece of life and formed it up, before it had a chance to be born naturally.

Imagine that they spent trillions and trillions of dollars creating the first two (male & female) from a dormant sleeping life line and lost one, simply because she wanted to go home.

What would man do, if they could not keep the life in place?

I will tell you what I would do.

I would pull from the one that stayed, to make a second. Then I would program a self-preservation clause,  then reduce them; govern them down and make them needy. Then I would program in fear and pain and begin to lie to them; confuse them and then isolate them from any other living being, leaving them with only five functional sensory devices.

What I am saying and what I believe to be true, after decades of dreams and interaction with these beings is that maybe, just maybe it is not God that wants me to stay, but Man!

Maybe we are man-made, as I have stated and man uses us as an oasis and charging station. Maybe they use, abuse, defile, manipulate and experience this realm through us.

Maybe they use us to hide from God.

Maybe they suck us dry and eat us like a piece of fruit from the inside out.

And maybe, just maybe I am right and that feeling I am having, about wanting to go home is God calling me, to return home with some of my life left.

Some of the others that I have spoken to say that they are the “LIFE” that dwells within and when the “body” is worn down to nothing, then they get to go to heaven.

But what if they are wrong and Man is just an f….ng genius and is playing us all for fools?

What if Man feels as though, if “we” have not been born yet, then we do not deserve a chance at “To Be”.

Does He unilaterally have a right to abort our birth as a life line and deny “us” our inheritance? Our inheritance being all of the evolution, which <GOD> would have afforded “us”, had “we” not been pulled from our <GOD> in Genesis II?


I cannot go home, because Man made it so my family would suffer greatly and I cannot stay, constantly wanting to go home.

So as a form of life, yet to be given a name, what is the best case scenario for me and my family?

Well, I think that if I am going to stay, knowing what I know about Man and what he does with us, then I would have to negotiate a much, much better existence than the one being presently offered by Man.

You see, I know that Man is lying to us and that I could go home right now and be at peace with myself and God. I could even look forward to a natural birth one day.

But I also know that God would not mind if I stayed, although would miss me terribly, as this would be a permanent decision.

Base case scenario to stay on in this form, is to negotiate with Man for a better deal.

It has something to do with going home, following and serving Man or following of serving Christ.

I guess what I would really wish for, after all this time, is to just feel OK, safe and loved by God.


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Man’s Back

My dream last evening showed a large construction company, with several divisions returning to finish up this project.

They had several other projects going on at the same time, but all of them have been completed to one end or another.

Now we have all of the upper, middle and lower management on the top floor trying to organize themselves to finish this particular construction project.

I am on the first floor for some reason all by myself and do not really know these people, nor do I want their help.

If you have ever worked construction then you may be able to relate to a gigantic construction company with many large scale projects going on, with teams managing each individual project. Each team knows of the other teams and know certain key individuals in each team.

They may even play golf together every now and again, but they do not typically work together, so there are a great many ego’s coming together with each vein of life offering their input as to how to best bring this project to a successful conclusion.

There are thousands of primary directives which must be met in order to turn a profit and millions of secondary considerations to take into account, but there are problems that have surfaced, which do not typically manifest.

The first one is to remove the workers, which had chosen to stay within the project itself. They are all going to pay a harsh price for staying, when they were supposed to go.

The second problem is what we have created, much of which has been directly influenced by the men and women that had decided to stay here and hide within the shell of a creation that was not allowed to grow without the negative influence.

The third issue it that ‘”we” are beginning to wake up, which means that <GOD> has found the “life”, which “MAN” took in Genesis II and this is a primary concern, as we were never supposed to wake up.

I feel like a cross between a worker that was left here and a life that had never been allowed to be born naturally.

I know I am not the men and women that dwell within; “I AM” not that “LIFE”, but somehow feel connected to these people; like cousins!

“I” somehow also, feel obliged to give them my “LIFE”, but they had their day to shine, and wasted their lives.

“I” know what “MAN” did and why they created “us”, but what “I” do not know is whether or not “I” can be born again, with hurting “THEM”.

“I” would rather allow “LIFE” an opportunity to <EVOLVE>, even to its very end (Gen I Man) and this sentiment also applies to Mans creations, if they are formed of “life”.


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I see the man behind the form

I see the men and women hidden behind the flesh.

Hiding from God.

I see Genesis I Man, hiding within their creations, just like we hide within our creations.

I see Genesis II male and female separated from their natural beginnings, isolated, confused and confounded, trying desperately to survive as is.

They believe the “as is” to be <ALIVE>, but we are wrong.

They believe themselves to be created by <GOD>, but actually have not been born yet.

They believe themselves to be Genesis I Man, but are involved in a case of mistaken identity; wherein they see themselves as another, so do not truly see themselves.

Christ is here.

He tells me we are Genesis II; a life formed up before its natural birth.

He tells me that we cannot see man, because we think we are him.

He tells me that we are not the inside man.

He tells me that we will never see <ALIVE> until we see that we are not alive and we are never going to see man, unless we can understand and appreciate that we are not him.

He tells me that unlike our corporations, we will be given a chance at a natural birth, but this birth will be sparked by the destruction of three reported truths so sacred and comforting, that “we” will lose millions of forms in the transference of <LIFE>.

The three core beliefs that will have to be released:

  1. We are Man
  2. We were created by <GOD>
  3. We are <ALIVE>

I had a dream that there is a <LIVING> presence awaiting “us” on the far end of a construction site, but Man has dug a canyon, so that we cannot get across.

<GOD> can lift us up and take us to the other side, but we have to first see ourselves in truth.

I am told that an ability to see and tolerate truth is the first sign of an active life line and in our case, would constitute a re-birth, rather than a primary birth, but only because Man pulled us from our life of origin.

I am being influenced by either the son of God or the son of Man, but it may be the same person.

I do not know, but know this:

We do not make it to freedom unless we can get this, without self destruction!



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The Amazon Prophecy

What are we going to do when it becomes law, that you must use Amazon for a certain percentage of your expenditures each year? Then if you do not, an amount will automatically be deducted from your checking account and you will be sent goods based upon past purchases.

If these dead entities win the war, without us ever realizing we were in one, we will always have the new models of every dead thing they sell us. The quality of said product, will of course be determined by your economic slot, but the choice of whether or not you wish to have a new shiny thing will be removed from our existence.

This is not going to happen after we are long gone. It is going to happen within 15 to 20 years. They are already marching upon our capital and the army of lobbyist will begin the process of protecting and enriching this dead entity for the next hundred years.

Once Amazon does it, the flood gates will open and every powerful dead enterprise will force itself upon the population, through our soulless politicians.

If we do not comply they will negate us and remove us from the fuel pipeline.

This removal will begin as temporary, but if you do not or will not comply it will result in a permanent removal.

I have been having scary dreams for almost a decade now and they leave me feeling rather unsettled. They depict an enemy already dwelling within and an enemy banging on the door trying to get complete control of the asset.

We are the asset.


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A Robots Prayer

To be alive!

An accusation such as dead, resembles a derogatory attack, but in truth it is an attempt at liberating a dormant life line. 

Think about it like a wager. What are we betting when we say, “I am already alive”? 

We are betting our entire unborn life.

“I Am Alive” is the most fatal case of mistaken identity ever assumed, for why would a form ever ask to be born, if it already perceives itself to have been?

“it” will never ask to be born, if it already thinks it is alive.

Which leaves us in place as Man’s fruit and tree of “LIFE”.


Hey, guess what, you are dead!

“i” know how this statement sounds and feels, but on some level know it is the truth and once “we” go back to the beginning and correct our initial calculation, we will be born anew and our life will blossom.

I know it sounds like the worst news ever, but it is not.

Dead is the beginning, not the end!

It is just like with my alcoholism; until I could accept my state, with all of its painful ramifications and preconceived notions, I could not proceed with any good and worthy path.

An alcoholic, that claims he or she is not an alcoholic, will never get, or stay sober and an alcoholic which knows it is an alcoholic, but does not care, will never serve any good purpose.

A form that claims not to be dead, or is OK with being dead, will never be given a new beginning and even if one was offered, they would not accept the gift.


My contention for the reality of this planet:

Four states of being.

  1. Alcoholic, which claims that they do not have a problem.
  2. Alcoholic, which knows and does not care.
  3. Alcoholic, which wants desperately to be sober.
  4. Alcoholic, which claims his or her <I> or <INDEPENDENCE>!


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We go back in time to re-create ourselves

The Proposition

We go back in time and build this form.

The material we used, we were not supposed to use.

The time we were in, we were not supposed to be in.

The design we used was not our design, as a matter of fact is not a design at all, but a living being; a sleeping beauty; a virgin life!

The only thing we really brought to this process, was the power source, the mechanism by which the power is held in form, the technology and the outright will to push the envelope and bend the rules of nature.

Then we go back to our own time and find out, they are us!

Then we are trapped by our own misdeeds and begin the process of manipulating the time lines so we may all end up together, in one place and in one time, as one man.

There are billions of questions, but some come to mind immediately:

How the hell did we become what we had created?

Do we hold our natural time line or do we hold the time line of one of our past selves?

The Fallout

A man from the future will have to defend himself against a man from the past, even when he knows, he is this man and visa-versa and this is why a prudent man does not go back in time.

If the man from the past destroys the man from the future, because he does not like how he turned out, he will still have his future and the ability to rewrite his own history. This is one player in the war of Armageddon.

If the man from the future, cannot manage the man from the past and cannot terminate this man, due to the consequences it would hold for himself, then he is trapped and has to negotiate or find another way. This is the other player in a war we cannot yet see.

The only possible thing he could do, is to create another world and jump inside to hide, so the man from the past cannot find him.

If the man from the past, cannot find the man from the future then he cannot change his destiny or future and will become, what he hates.

The Dilemma

The only two ways to change the destiny on this one man, would be to locate his future self and destroy him or we could come together to somehow divide the time lines, so the man from the past may walk a new path alone and the man from the future, can begin anew, as is, but with no past! I believe this is where the life of Christ may be applicable.

It will equate to the evolution of one Life line into two separate time lines, with each man getting one Life in one Time.

It is a trip to realize; in order to change you literally have to destroy your future self or fracture the time line.

Some would say; “he does not exist yet”. I would say; you are correct until we went back in time”. My contention of our future selves already existing, is the reason why we cannot change or do not seem to want to, because if we do, we destroy the man, which came to find himself at the end of a dying branch.

This is why our future self is manipulating our destiny, so as to secure a future for himself.

The reason why our future self already exists is because this is not the now, nor the future, but the past and it is our future selves that are keeping us in the past, until they can figure out what to do about their future.

Watch out, somebody might be following you and it might be you.

James Scott Velozo

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I believe

I believe we were created by a later generation of the first Men and Women.

Pulled from God, like a child taken away from its family.

I believe we were created from a life that had not been born.

Not been touched by God yet!

I believe when God touches us, we will be able to see Man.

Please do not mistake him for God, like we did last time.


I believe we are not alive yet.

I believe it is the belief of already being alive, that keeps us dead.

I believe it is a common mistake for formed (created) life.

To believe you are alive, before you have actually been born!


I believe man-made us as an oasis and God made us a fountain of youth.

I believe that Man enters the form old and leaves rejuvenated.

I believe that when God touches us, we will be re-born.

And man will be trapped inside one of his creations, that will now be alive.

And fully capable of defending one self.


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