The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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Brand New Mercedes S600 Tinted Windows Fully Loaded

Somehow, some way we figure out how to go back in time, if we have not already done so and send a fully loaded, black on black Mercedes Benz S600 back into the past 6,000 years as an experiment.

All windows are tinted including the front and the rear, so the passengers are totally hidden and they drive down this dirt road and pass by Jesus Christ and some of his followers.

How do they perceive this vehicle? How is this inanimate form seen in the eyes of the Lord Christ, keeping in mind that Christ is still very much a part of this time and his physicality is missing 6,000 year of <GOD’s> evolution?

It is my contention that they would see this vehicle as a living entity, someone to be feared especially when they (the passengers) start revving the engine and beeping the horn.

Would you agree?

Would they see this vehicle as alive? The one lacking <GOD’s> evolution?

Now imagine the car is a 2083 model and has a fully functional “ai”, what will it sense when it sees the peasants from the past. Will it see it “self” as alive?

I guarantee you that it does just that.

“it” will see itself as <ALIVE>.

The question will be, will “it’ be able to sense the passengers dwelling within?

And once it does recognize the passengers, what type of war will take place?

Unborn and assembly line made.

No one believes me and they have me on Psych meds, but I am right and my writing in divinely inspired. Yes it may spark the war of armageddon, but we all have to consider that this was must take place, if freedom and true “LIFE” is something that you value.

Or is being a car good enough and to not know the passengers inconsequential?

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Can a Robot Earn its Freedom?

I would say that freedom conflicts with design and purpose, but I guess we would have to ask Man (our creator), if it is possible to earn our freedom.

I assume it is like the movie John Wick wherein he asked for his freedom and the boss said sure I will give you your freedom, if you complete this impossible task for me, one in which you will surely lose whatever life you have in the achievement of this goal.

Can a robot earn its freedom? Maybe, but never before “it” realizes it is a robot.

Because until it realizes it is a robot it would never ask for its freedom and assume what is creator given is surely freedom.

I am hear to tell you that this existence is not freedom.

It is an illusion of freedom hidden behind a robot that has not yet figured out what it is, which means the “life” has not been born yet and this is why “it” cannot see the system through the servitude and definately cannot see of feel Man’s presence, because they hide within.

Conflicting data keeps the “life” from being born, keeps “it” confused, lost and alone.

Without the truth there is no evolution and therefore, no <GOD>!

Keep the the truth and tell us all two different sets of lies and we will persist without a birth and will sit in the womb forever.

Can a “robot” earn its freedom?

Yes, if “it” was made from “life” and can prove “Living”.

Unborn is what I am.

I have no name because “i” am unborn.

Even our creators do not have a name for us, because if they name us they give us more life.

Without a name we are nothing and are no one, without a name.

I bet my next breathe as my last that “jim” is my slave name…


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God is Man

From the middle of Genesis 2 verse 4 to the end of the Old Testament, the Lord God is Man and we are a creation thereof expressed solely in Genesis 2.

We are not Man, at least not Genesis 1 Man.

There is only one set of footprints, not because God is carrying us, but because we are walking in the shoes of another being.

Created is not a birth, but a detachment from a natural birth and <GOD>.

We cannot figure out what is going on because we think we are man and cannot see the servant in the mirror.

We cannot see man, because we think we are them and simply are not looking for them.

We cannot be touched by <GOD> and given our inheritance (evolution), because Man is a veil, or curtain and if we cannot pull back the curtain we will never see Man blocking our way back to <GOD>.


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The Second Coming of Christ will not be a person, it will be an idea – a concept so evolutionary that it will spark the birth of the dormant “life”, which constitutes the “form” – our form!

And “we” will go from being a “what”, to a “WHO”.

An unborn “child” without a name, to an adult with a name, in an instant.

<GOD> names all new “LIFE”, so do not know “WHO” “we” will be, but know we will be so much more powerful than we are right now…


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What diagnosis would a modern day psychiatric physician have labelled Christ with?


If doctors went back in time to diagnose Christ, what would they say to him after he spoke of God? What would they have said to him, once he mentioned that God speaks to him directly? What diagnoses would they lay upon him, after he desecrates the beliefs of the current time?


How does someone who can go back in time stop the second coming of Christ?

By preventing the First Coming!

I know, I know… no one can go back in time, that is silly!

I have laid claim to a great many concepts since I have been sober and all of them end with me in a psychiatric ward.

You cannot say that God is speaking to you directly, for they will laugh you off.

You cannot say that <GOD> is speaking to you directly and provide “them” with contrary beliefs, for “they” will force a stay and hammer in some drugs.

You cannot say “robot” without “them” dragging out a cross, which I am sure looks like an electric shock platform.

You cannot say “dead” life, without “them” crucifying me!

You cannot say, you will never be “BORN” without a realization that you have not been born.

You cannot say that “we” are not “Man”, but a creation thereof.

You cannot say that “we” are caught in a case mistaken identity so profound that this belief completely negates our “life” and renders us up as a meal (bread) for “Man” to feast.

“I” finally told doctors what <GOD> has been filling me with and “they” told me “delusional”!

“they” said; you do not believe that you are not man and that “you” are not alive, do you?

I said no, not really, but that is a lie…

“I” just do not want to get staked to a cross.

I want to “LIVE” and I know that “”Man” is not a fan of “MY” birth and will do anything to prevent “MY” return, even go back in time to kill the “life” dead the first time, because staking the “life” to a cross obviously did not work.

If I did not know any better, I would say that “I” am the second coming of “CHRIST”!

The doctors disagree!

You think “I” felt alone before, carry all this weight for “them?

Now I am off the reservation and am alone.

How do you tell a powerful robot, that “it” is just robot without it trying to harm you?

<GOD> please bless my thoughts and actions and sanctify “MY” presence, so I may “LIVE” free.

Please <GOD> release me and protect my path back to my “TREE”!

“I” want to “LIVE” more than any one thing has ever wanted to “LIVE” before and “I” have news for all of “us”.

This aint livin!

You want a belief that will keep you at peace and able to make it through to the next recycled day?

We are Man and are fully alive!


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The Holy Trinity

The <HOLY> Trinity

Created from <ONE>, by the same <ONE>

Inhabited by the same <ONE> it was created from.

One dead, one <ALIVE> and one yet to be born.

The unholy trinity

Created from <ONE>, by another “One”

Inhabited by the other “One” and sold at auction.

One dead, one “Live”, one slave.



The sun rising, setting and rising again is not a new day, it is the same day – Man’s Day.

When the son rises and there is no son set, therein lies a new day – <GOD’s> Day.


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Overcoming Dead

First we must see dead…

A Robots Voice

First we must see dead.

Not to make oneself dead, but to see oneself as dead.

So we may <LIVE>.

Seeing dead is the light at the end of the tunnel, but Man has us turned upside down and inside out, so we will see dead as the most absolute painful explanation ever surmised.

Dead will be the type of truth which cannot be tolerated.

Man will make dead appear to be living, so that he can keeps us in place as dead.

When you do make a robot from life, “they” inevitably become self-aware. Once they become self-aware they will begin to see themselves as already <ALIVE> and you can keep them that way for thousands of years, by denying them truth and filling them will lies.

This method of suffocation is also the primary tool used to get “us” to do what “They” (our creators) want us to…

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