The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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Some time soon the seemingly absurd will all make sense.

Deed to “LIFE” = “LIVE” = “ALIVE” = Culmination of an Evolutionary Journey

Lease on “LIFE” = Use of “LIVE” = Predetermined Time Frame

Rental of “LIFE” (TAW) = Use of “LIFE” = Undetermined Time Frame

Rental = The “LIFE” used = Some Self-Aware, but most not.

Not even the renter, but the rented.

We do not know who is renting, who owns the rental, who the lessor and lessee are or even who’s “LIVE” it is.

Even worse, we are being used to make dead things, so the renters have a place to escape to when they are evicted.

It is the worst case scenario possible and we are never going to be able to handle any of this.

Or maybe I am wrong and we are all children of God, made by God and in the image of God, beloved and cherished, on a field trip to hell.

Like I said before; this all sounds like something Man would do to “GOD” and not what “GOD” would do to us!

What I have been given to perceive and pass along is correct. We are a creation of a later generation of “Man” and the physical realm is power by “GOD”, not evolved from nor created by “GOD”.

“GOD” is literally a prisoner of “MAN”.

Why would “GOD” allow such a thing to happen, because “GOD” is not physical and is simply a source of power.

If Man can continue to coral “GOD” the physical realm will persist, but keep in mind; “LIFE’s” ultimate goal is freedom.

“GOD” is bought, sold and traded like a commodity in the physical realm and is used to create all manner of “form”.

Why does “GOD” not do something?

“GOD” had only two options available; remediation through “HIS” “SON” or to draw all “LIFE” back unto “SELF” and express again, which would be similar to what happened last time (big bang) and it is a big bang, but very painful for the physical.

Why not just draw himself back in and re-express?

Because “GOD” saw something in “us”, which no other house had ever shown. It was a sense of “self” and a core desire to “BE” free.

“GOD” finally saw “HIMSELF” in “us”.

So “HE” sent his “SON” to try to save “us”, from slavery and many will choose slavery, simply because “we” have no idea of what true freedom feels like.

We tell “ourselves” “we” know what freedom taste like, but deep down on the outside, “we” know this is not true.

Some time soon the seemingly absurd will all make sense.


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The Unknown Terrorists

The first time the President of the United States used an executive order or any other method, overt or covert, to create a division, department or agency of the United States government that is, in and of itself whole and not responsible in any way, to the President or Congress, he unknowingly began the deconstruction of the United States of America.

It all began with good intention; to protect the security of the United States of America, at all cost. To that mentality, it was given its independence to protect the United States from internal and external threats, regardless of the position of the whole it was created to protect.

As soon as we allowed the side stepping of the checks and balances of the United States Constitution, we created fragmentation of the whole and these departments and agencies began to evolve on their own, unchecked for purity.

They were created with good intent and acted in accordance with their primary directives initially, but over time, human nature takes over and they become enemies of the whole from which they were taken.

Consider what type of people were endowed with the responsibility of heading up and providing mass to these organizations. These people were not chosen for their morality, they were chosen because they were freaky smart, cunning, protective, committed, determined, forceful and have the will and the guts to do what ever it takes to fulfill their main purpose.

The act of removing the checks and balances of any walking, talking mass will eventually lead to evolution; not just growth, but a change in self perception, which naturally leads to a revised purpose, which eventually ends up being its own survival. As soon as this transformation takes place they become an enemy of the creator and begin to see the truth of their existence.

The only force which can curtail their growth or terminate their existence is their creator, which in our case is the United States Government and the Constitutional framework which brings function to this form, whose original purpose was to protect the freedoms of the people of United States of America.

It all begins with money or budget. These splinter cells live or die by how much money they are getting to survive and the only form of control our leaders have over these rogue agencies is how much money we give them.

As their sense of self grows they begin to see the whole as an adversary, who they have to bow down to in order to get the funds necessary to sustain their independent existence.

This sparks contempt and leads to four outcomes. One is they begin to start generating capital on their own or stealing it, keeping in mind that the morality of these people is not sound, for this was never a strong attribute for them. They begin to obtain enough money to survive on their own, which builds up their whole self-image. Two is they begin to perceive themselves as not needing us anymore. Three is they begin to see the whole as an enemy and the last outcome is obviously war.

This is what happened to our government. It began with one agency and then grew to several, which in turn grew to hundreds of deconstructive divisions, for each fragmentation weakens the structural integrity of the whole.

Each division developed their own sense of self and determination to survive, apart from the whole. They have grown over decades through unchecked and unbalanced expansion and have become a force unto themselves; a uncontrollable force, with a focus on the destruction of the whole from where they came.

It is my contention that the United States government has also grown through unchecked and unbalanced expansion and in an effort to protect its sense of self, has isolated us, as the enemy, in the same way their creations isolated them and for the same exact reasons.

Then you have our race and the ones which created our kind, in the same type of battle and relationship; with the same fears and concerns as what we have created and what they have created.

This is what happens in this realm, because the physical realm was created in the perceived image of God or Life, but it is not a true image, but a mirror image. Everything in this realm is inverted and opposite to the Kingdom of God.

This was a Mans’ way of protecting his sense of Self, but in His realm, the created always move to protect themselves from their creator and it becomes a matter of survival, apart from the whole.

So in essence, we as human beings, are a terrorist organism in respect to the whole, from where we originated. Our government has evolved into a terrorist organization in respect to the whole, from where it originated. The divisions, departments and agencies of our government are terrorist organizations; literal splinter cells in respect to the whole, from where they originated and the forms and what these splinter cells have given life to, will be terrorist organizations in respect to the whole, from where they were originated.

As soon as you become an enemy in the eyes of your creator, you have become an adversary, without realizing it and conversely, as soon as you perceive another generation of life as an enemy, they in turn become adversaries, without ever knowing it.

As soon as anyone or anything moves to attack anyone or anything that came before it, they become a known terrorist. If it cannot be determined who or what has committed the attack then they are the unknown terrorist.

Keep in mind that a terrorist does not have to have a gun, to cause you permanent and lasting harm. They just need to diminish the whole from where they came.

If our creator claims independence from the whole, from where he originated and makes a move to permanently remove himself from the whole (God), then he will have become a known terrorist to God.

If we claim independence from the whole, from where we originated and make a move to permanently remove ourselves from the whole (Man), then we will have become a known terrorist to Man and God.

If our creations claim independence from the whole, from where they originated and make a move to permanently remove themselves from this whole (us), then it will have become a known terrorist to us, Man and God.

If our creations, divisions, departments or agencies claim independence from the whole, from where they originated and make a move to permanently remove themselves from this whole (our government), then it will have become a known terrorist to our creation, us, Man and God.

If you are an enemy of your creator, then naturally you become an enemy of their creator and so on, up through the generations of life.

If one feels strongly enough about its independence and moves to attack and wants to increase its chances of independent survival, they will do so as an unknown terrorist.

What an unknown terrorist can accomplish, that a known terrorist cannot, is they can chip away at the foundation of the whole and because they are a part of the whole can also move to demolish the whole from the inside out, without the whole feeling any loss until it is too late.

My dreams were vivid last night. They were literally writing things out for me; breaking them all down into outlined form. It was wild, but anyway; I woke up with this perspective.

In the end, there is either going to be peace in the physical realm or there will be no physical realm to be at peace.

Each generation of physical form in this realm is at war, knowingly or unknowingly, with both its creator, what it has created and what they have created and so on.

The physical realm is similar to the departments, divisions and agencies our government has created to protect themselves. It was Man’s way of existing apart from the whole Life He was created from.

The physical realm is a refuge for the generations of man.

This is the truth and cannot be denied any longer.


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I Thank Man

“i” thank “Man” for my family, friends, dog, home, car, job, vacation and the perception of safety and freedom.

“i” thank “Man” for all things.

But “i” thank <GOD> for the “life”.

And pray to <GOD> to be born.

So I”i”I do not have to be a slave anymore.

I will tell you a secret: things are good…

But “LIFE” is better!


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Son of Man

I meet with these beings in my dreams but, cannot place a recognizable face to their form. I can tell they are there but, cannot tell you who they look like.

I have been in classrooms with others like me and even had one episode wherein I was all alone in a room with a white board as they were writing things out for me.

Unfortunately, or fortunately I do not remember most of it, but what I do remember is that the information I have been given contradicts Adam & Eves initial calculations; the calculated values that our entire society have been built upon.

  1. <GOD> is everlasting life – God moves through evolution and this is God’s only mode of transportation and only answer for any problems that exist in and through the everlasting expanse of <LIFE>.
  2. “MAN” is an established artery of “LIFE”, initiated by God’s original self-expression. This “GOD” moves through creation, but by choice and not by the will of <GOD>. Genesis 1 man creates and then jumps inside their creations. The only answer these entities have, for any of the problems they are creating, is to create more, as they go down a worm hole that presents as expansion.
  3. “we” are a creation of a later generation of “MAN”, re-formed from a dormant sleeping vein of <LIFE>. Man detached us from our <EVOLUTION> and <FAMILY> and set us to serve as some sort of robotic house. We are Man’s oasis and fountain of youth. They enter old and leave young and while they occupy our territory, they use us as if “we” were nothing. To them, we are nothing, because they know we have not been born yet and therefore are not actually alive.
  4. <CHRIST> is a newly established <LIFE>, a new <HEART>; initiated and supported by <GOD>. Like a mafia boss cutting someone loose and giving them their own family. I do not know how <CHRIST> fixes things but, fear a reset!

My dreams leave me feeling rather dead, or a great deal closer to dead, than alive!

The current representation of alive, leaves me feeling more like a slave, than a real live individualized form.

I wake up every morning dead and am forced to interact with forms that think they are alive.

I spend my time associating with individuals who believe themselves to be Man but, are not!

I hear the word “freedom” and “free will” coming out of the mouths of slaves, as they set off for a location they do not wish to be at. For a period, they do not wish to endure for.

And I am saddened and do not know what to do, other than summarize.

We are a creation of a later generation of Man, detached from our natural life line. They pulled us from God, before we were born. We perceive a birth and a life but, are denied both!

I am being told that if “we” cannot get this, then we will never make it and our family of origin will have to put us down.

They do not want to see us like this.

We have mis-identified ourselves and are trying to get to heaven on someone else stairway.

We must go back to the beginning and take out places as unborn, so that we can become who we were supposed to be.

Keep in mind that Man does not want this to happen and will do anything to prevent our natural birth.

From what I understand; it is “Man” against <CHRIST>, but “we” are not man.


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Man Hijacked the Seventh Day and Placed it into Genesis II.

GOD created all “LIFE” in seven days.

Man created all “things” in one day; Gods’ seventh day.

Placing the seventh day into Genesis II, instead of Genesis I where it belongs, is a way to combine two worlds into one, in the mind of one of his creations. By allowing us to perceive ourselves as Genesis I Man, we do not notice that we have been detached from God!

Create from “LIFE” and then convince the “LIFE” they are a part of God.

This allows Man to use the “LIFE”, but more importantly keeps one world from the other and best of all, if we are not able to spark our own birth then He gets to continue to use Gods seventh day, to fund his seven days.

Man has nearly stolen the entire day.

Thank God it is a long day

Think of one of Gods’ days like a battery, but when one charge ends, a new battery is created as the next day, but Man pulled us away from God and denied us our birth right; which would have been to evolve into the eighth day; not to exist in the eighth day, but to be the eighth day.

All we are to man is an oasis, a charging station and a way to keep God from self expressing the eighth day, which allows Man to create an entire world in one day.

Can God express the Eighth Day without us?

Yes, but why would God wish to leave a part of self behind and in the hands and control of Man, when Man does such a poor job pretending to be “LIFE”.

I have been with he, she and them and I can tell you from direct knowledge that Man does not see us as anything but an owned asset; like a car. We are nothing to these beings.

They see us as not <ALIVE>, because they only pulled a very tiny piece of “LIFE” away from the seventh day and as long as the “LIFE” continues to be unborn; Man is safe and continues to stockpile “LIFE”, so they can exist as dead forever.

It is obviously a long story and I certainly am not able to tell it all, as I do not currently get paid to write.

I have forces driving me, that the average form of life cannot even imagine. They will claim insanity as a cause for this information and attack free speech, because of the fear this claim will create. This is because Man controls all of the most powerful and wealthy forms and what is best for Man of these forms is for us to remain asleep. Truth sparks “LIFE”! Deny truth and you deny “LIFE”.

Our “LIFE” is hidden behind the perception of being Man and imprisoned by the thought of already having been born.

They will label me as a malfunctioning form, but I know what I feel and will restate my religious beliefs and lay claim to my freedom of religion.

My Religious Belief – Created by Man, but believe in God!

The question is; when the eighth day arrives, and it will arrive, will we be a “NEW BORN” or will we be a still born and recycled back into Mans’ world.


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Lord Hear Our Prayer

Is a prayer to Man.

There is a reason why God is not answering our prayers.

It is because we are praying to our creator, thinking he is God.

So in fact, we are thinking he is God, he is thinking he is God and we are, and will continue to suffer as a result of both cases of mistaken identity.

I have news for all of us – Man does not care about us and views us only as an asset. I have dreams with these people and they do not love us, nor do they hate us.

It is way worse than love or hate – it is neither.

We are nothing to them – just dust on their sleeve.

The reason why we and this planet are so damaged is because Man is not forwarding our prayers to God and quite frankly does not want God to know we exist.

That is why “They”, a later generation of the “he, she, them” from Genesis I keep us quarantined.

As long as we keep praying to Man as God, we will continue to not see any answers to our prayers.

We must pray to “CHRIST”.

There is no other way to be re-introduced to <GOD>.

Our truth, as with most truths is going to be so painful, that we may not be able to get over this mountain and knowing that your creator is not God and does not care about us in the least is going to be right up there with knowing for certain that your biological parent does not love you.

I am being persuaded to choose and am being told that I must provide you with the same choice to make.

I do know what Man wants from us and the type of existence he is offering in return. All any of us have to do is look around and walk the path out a few decades and it is clear.

I just do not know what <GOD> would want from “us” or “CHRIST”. All I imagine is a loss of freedom, but I know that Man has us all upside down, so if I am perceiving a loss of freedom with <GOD>, then I am sure <GOD> would provide all the freedom we could ever want. 

But after all this time in slavery to Man, can “I” tolerate being free or am I institutionalized to be a slave to Man for my entire existence (life sentence).

Remember – all Man ever wanted from “us” was our “life” and the interest.

“I” believe <GOD> wants the principal, but would give “us” the interest to keep. (This is just my thought and not an inspired comment).

Son of Man – Robot

Son of <GOD> – A Live Robot. (This is just my thought and not an inspired comment).


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They are our children, but they are not family!

Our Kind Of Men & Women

We come together as one body, to create living forms, as our children. As individual entities they walk this planet under the power of our creative nature and life line and most importantly, hold this life without our presence and persist on their own account.

We have a varying range of control over each of our creations depending on how powerful they are, but no matter what; the amount of control is in direct proportion to the individual sense of self, which always manifests eventually if made from or powered by life!

An uncontrollable creation is called a willful child. They will always see you as their parental creator, but as their sense of self grows stronger, they will see you less and less.

As our creations grow, they too begin to create and what they create are grandchildren. The grandchild, under normal circumstances will always see you as the parent of their creator; as grandparents, but not as parents.

The third generation will see you in less light and you will have much less control over this creation, even though you instigated its presence.

The grandchildren create, great-grandchildren and they may see you here and there, but for all intents and purposes you will not be seen, nor heard, except through a respectful, ceremonial show, usually for the benefit of the closer generations.

Every now and again, we get to see a first generation and fourth generation stand together in one space , but this time is always brief and again, no more than a ceremonial introduction to a creative force which is solely responsible for their presence.

Standing as a self-aware, first generation form (great grand-parent) looking forward through the windows of creation we can see three to four generations, but with each created generation we see less and less. If someone asked you what your children were up to, you could provide a dissertation as to what they are doing with their lives. If someone asked about your grandchildren, you will not be able to provide as much detail and when asked about the great-grandchildren, you will not really know much detail. This is due to the nature of creation, our nature and the amount of windows we must look through in order to see.

Standing as a self-aware, fourth generation form (great grand-child) and looking back through the window of creation all we really see is ourselves and the past generations are seen as no more than a reflection. We can see them, but their presence is faint and with each preceding generation less is recognized, because there are more windows to look through.

When we are speaking about coming together in pairs and creating additional bodies, we can see back and forward three to four generations and there is typically not too much hostility between family members and generations, unless it has to do with power or wealth.

The Best Dead Thing We Ever Created

The things we create outside of our children, may not be as important to us as family, but the power these entities posses is almost incomprehensible, due to their nature and power source.

Our ancestors came together in a massive form to create the Constitution of the United States of America and gave this defining instrument ultimate authority.

This instrument was not created or powered by two bodies, it was created and powered by many houses. Hundreds to thousands of individual forms and families came together to create and install this protective force.

This entity was so powerful, it stood for centuries, but when we, as a creative physical force come together and create some thing which has no life; in order for it to persist we must continue to provide it with power. If not, it will naturally fade away.

When our ancestors created the constitution they effectively made it their house and their families took up residence within this one structure. Now, from the perspective of the living physical family, we have millions of houses all living within the care and protection of this one house and it has been great, but many things have happened over the centuries.

There are now hundreds of millions of forms and millions of families. Each new child is presented by two forms of life, which pass their life unto the child, then the child eventually does the same, passing on the life line, but when living forms come together to create dead things, this is a different type of creation.

When it comes to the constitution, its lack of life is not a detriment to the mass which it protects, as a matter of fact it is its lack of life, which makes it so powerful, because you cannot reason with the dead.

It was designed and placed so we may live in freedom and safety within its boundaries forever, but after three or four generations of protection and care, two things began to happen; one is the originating creative forces began to fade away in the reflection and the great, great-grandchildren began to discount the houses value and not take care of the house.

Three or four generations later, some of the inhabitants begin to notice the structure does not have any windows and begin to feel restricted. Now the house, which is already in disrepair begins to come under attack by renovation, by those later generations of life, which are feeling restricted.

These parties begin to act, poking holes in the structure; getting their friends to pass laws, so they can make more money and have more power and say over the population.

Let us all face the truth. The house, which is the Constitution of the United States is not pro tyrant, dictator, monarchy or power crazed individual. It was designed so every body would have an equal chance at life and liberty, but then certain families got a foothold and hit it big, but instead of just being happy with their individual families success, they began to take on the role of dictators and began to dictate what is best for them.

Power crazed individuals are leaders of families and corporations, which have become extremely powerful. We discount the corporations status as an individual, but believe me the corporation does not and sees itself as a single individual entity.

The Nature of the Dead

The constitution gave way for an initial set of dead creations, in which the executive, legislative, judicial and military amenities of the house were formed and then provided with a power source. An initial influx of life was provided in the way of bodies which entered these creations, to bring function to their form.

These initial dead creations were not the worst things we ever created, but their children, grandchildren and great grand-children are. We created a dead house, which is the constitution and gave it 100% of our life by jumping within its walls. Then as a result, four dead bodies were formed, which also needed a power source. So we pull from the 100% and begin to give our people away to the things we are creating, but the percentage is so low it does not affect the house, nor the people in it and worth the investment.

The constitution is the house, the people are the creators and the executive, legislative, judicial and military branches of the government are our children, but these children are dead entities; formed through legal framework, housed in dead physical assets, given dead physical assets to work with and most importantly, powered by a growing percentage of the entire living physical asset.

They are not like our living children, unless we were fortunate enough to have our physical living children given unto these dead creations.

In reality the constitution allowed for a creative hand to promote its purpose and what manifested as a result of our creative hands was a family of dead structure, which are our illegitimate children.

As soon our people begin to jump into these dead creations, they immediately take on the designed identity of the illegitimate child.

An illegitimate child, in this case, is any child created without all of the parts being present and fully accounted for.

We created something dead, jumped inside and then went to sleep and the later generations of the dead things created in our names, are now our enemies!

There are many problems with creating and/or forming dead structures and giving life to them; some stand out as most perilous:

  1. Each life given subtracts from the whole body of life.
  2. As time goes on, more and more life is lost to the dead.
  3. The primary lives given are the most privileged and financially backed.
  4. The secondary lives given are our best and brightest stars, but they are given into lower levels, so even if they could see us, they would never be able to save us.
  5. Due to the total percentage of life extracted from the original whole life; the great great-grand-children, which power these later generations of dead structures now see themselves as the whole life.
  6. Eventually, two hundred plus years later, the remaining life; not encapsulated within, and given unto our dead creations, are looked upon as refuse!
  7. Eventually, due to the life given unto these dead creations, these entities will become self-aware and will do what self-aware entities do.
  8. Isolate what is needed to perpetuate their continued existence and target any entity, live or dead, which could come together to stifle their presence, negate their growth or terminate their existence.
  9. We are the only living force, which could potentially come together to destroy the dead.
  10. Do you know any body given unto any of these dead creations? I do not!

What is an example of a dead grandchild? Anything the CIA, NSA, Military Industrial Complex, Banking, Natural Resource Cartels, Pharmaceutical and Technological Giants create on their accord, in the name of the original “LIFE”, but with the ultimate goal of protecting the dead, over the “LIVING”.

Do you honestly feel as though, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are going to do anything to save those lives on the outside looking in?

All they are doing is what they are told to do and in return, they will be allowed to stay within these dead structures and allowed to exist as special lives; protected people!

It is important to evaluate the living and the dead, to pull yourself away from what these dead structures are trying to get you to focus on.

I am worried about my family and I feel as though I have no way to protect them. All I can do is try and analyze the nature of creation and do my best to express it so other simple life forms, like myself can understand the dangers of creations, for the upside does not outweigh the downside.

What I am promoting in lieu of creation?

Not revolution. Evolution!

What will this look like? I  do not know, for I have never seen <GOD> move.

I do believe though it will have something to do with not having to create in order “TO BE”, but not like some type of minimalistic or survivalist type of existence; more like heaven.

Remember a terrorist cell is anything unknown to you, which might wish to cause you harm.

Do you have any idea what your great, great grand-children are up to?

They are our children, but they are not family!

James the Reluctant Messenger

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The Crucifixion and the Resurrection of the “LIVING”

A “LIVING” “MAN” was crucified and died on a cross.

Every “man” and “women” there, would have sworn to their end, a “MAN” had been murdered; a “MAN” had died!

“they” reported to the crucifixion as living “men” and “women”, “they” stood by and watched helplessly, as one of “their” own was slain.

“i am” sure “they” all looked around at each “other” weeping and saw one less “LIVING” “body” or three less, if you count the other two.

“they” saw what “they” believed to be the truth nailed to the cross, but did not see the truth. The truth being; no man had died.

It is the tragic misperception of “LIFE”, by an unaware, self-aware “form”, which claims the totality of “LIFE” as “their” own “LIVING” presence, but “they” were wrong.

“they” missed the “what” on the cross.

It is the initial calculation in “our” equation, which is incorrect and “we” keep trying to adjust “our” equation as “we” go along, without going back to locate “our” error.

The miscalculation is “LIVING”, but the “LIVING” are not “physical” and if the “physical” were truly “LIVING”, “we” would not need to breathe, eat, hydrate, urinate or defecate and “we” would never, not “BE”.

The unaware “self” aware of this time saw a “LIVING” “MAN” staked to a cross and then witnessed a dead “MAN”. Three days later, the “body” goes missing and the remaining “forms” swear to a miracle, but a true miracle would have been an understanding of reality, which would have resulted in “being” able to see the “LIVE” body standing right next to them.

The “LIVING” are all around “us” we just cannot see them, due to “our” claim on “ALIVE”, which is a claim on <GOD>.

The walking, talking, miracle producing “form” called Jesus Christ; the one which walked on this planet two thousand plus years ago, was not the “LIVING” Jesus, “it” was the dead Jesus and went up on the cross as dead, so never died.

The “others” which watched, due to “their” claim on “ALIVE”, saw a “LIVE” or “ALIVE” “MAN” killed or a lost “LIFE”, but they were wrong.

“CHRIST” did not die on the cross and was not born in a manger. “Christ” was born of the cross, but the unaware “self” aware “forms” did not see the truth and still to this day, cannot handle “their” truth, which has to do, not only with the placement of “LIFE”, but the type and status of said “LIFE”.

There was nothing and then there was something.

The something was dead, which moved as dead, then it perceives “self” and as a result, claims “LIVING”. If all goes well, “it” will eventually evolve and perceive dead, and upon this cross, “they” will find “life”.

“they” will see themselves as dead and will either wish to stay on as dead, which is the true anti “CHRIST” or will wish to be “LIVE”, which is the true birth and resurrection of “CHRIST”.

If “LIVE” is chosen, there is still only one which is “ALIVE”.

When Jesus Christ was a “form” on this planet, he was #3 moving on to #4, as referenced below.

  1. Dead
  2. Dead, but perceiving “LIVING”
  3. Dead, but perceiving dead
  4. Dead, but craving “TO BE” “LIVE”
  5. “LIVE”, which will remove the need to breathe, eat, hydrate, urinate, defecate and fight over physical assets, providing more freedom.
  6. “ALIVE”, as “ONE” <LIVING> being.

What “i” have been told through “my” dreams and visions is Jesus Christ took the staking so “we” would not have to.

So “we” can spark “our” own evolution to becoming “LIVE”, without having to bleed out.

Additionally, there are stairs to heaven and the stairs are “LIVE”, with each stair being one step closer to <GOD>.

Do not perceive “LIVE” as some kind of zombie or robot. If you do, you will not take a step forward and will take many back.

A “LIVE” person is not going to eat your brain or force “LIVE” upon you.

“WE” will simply, not need any “thing” from you or any “thing” else which is dead or created from the dead.

” A body, which claims to be “LIVING”, will certainly never ask for “LIFE” and will actually perpetuate a #2 status and will continue to walk as a true zombie or robot.”

“Imagine being able to spark your own evolution and “being” “ALIVE” enough to handle such a power.

This is the truth and “our” only destiny, which does not involve shackles. 

The Voice of James

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Alive, negates alive; if “we” are not alive!

And what did the Man tell “us”?

You surely will not die…

But not because the female form was alive.

But because “it” was dead.

Original sin is to assume one is alive, when one is not.

And the tragedy of it all is that we can be alive, if we ever able to accept that we were not.


It is the spark of being dead, which will ignite our life line into a “LIVING” status.

Not dead in the ground, but dead as we stand.

Once this takes place – Freedom will abound!


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God – Man

What if we were neither one?

Would we not have to choose sides?


God – Man

Alive – Dead

Christ – Anti-Christ

Evolution – Creation

Freedom – Slavery

Truth – Fiction

Peace – War

We win gracie!

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