The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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I am Alive is a Totalitarian Belief

“I am alive” is a self-imposed totalitarian belief. This flat earth belief keeps the life we were formed from centralized and controlled by each individual leader.

It is the type of belief, which is self negating and needs no authority above it, to keep enforced.

“I am alive” keeps us subordinate to “Alive” and under strict control of all aspect of the false belief.

“I am alive” is a self instigating coercive measure, which steal the life’s productive capacity, from itself; whereas the life remains stagnant and enslaved by the belief itself.

“I am alive” is a despotic, authoritarian and dictatorial position, which negates the life holding the belief!

Why would any form of life, wish to be alive (free), if it had already convinced it self  it was?

Our life line has not even been born yet and will never be, if it already perceives itself to have been!

How do you get rid of a despotic leader?

You have to annihilate the force holding us in bondage.


To help support the cause of Living!

Why would any form ask for life, if it already thought it was ! It is the perception of living, which negates the opportunity! Help me spread the good word.



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We Are This House

I heard someone share a wonderfully inspiring revelation this evening. They spoke of a tree knowing it is a tree and being perfectly fine and comfortable being a tree, as God had intended.

He added that a tree would never want to be cut down to become a house, because the tree was at peace being a tree.

He went on to say the same things about “us”, as we were created by God as we are, and should be content and comfortable being as God created us.

What this form does not understand, sense or see, is that “we” are the cut down tree.

It is all so very simple; Man cut down a tree and made a house.

“we” are this house.

Can the cut down, detached tree of “life”, sense it “self” apart from the whole? Hell Yes.

Can “it” feel pain? Hell yes.

Does “it” miss its trunk and roots? Hell yes.

Can “it” go back to its “life” of origin, as something more than food? Hell no.

How long will “it” persist, apart from the <LIVING>? For decades of hell.

Can you teach “it” to put a smile on its new face and make the best of it? Hell yes, but only if you lie to it and keep it confused about “its” truth.

Is “it” alive? Hell no.

Can “it” be resurrected? I do not fucking know.

Can “it” become a <live>, with out needing man to stand it up and walk it around? I do not fucking know.

All I know is that someone cut me down, formed me up and dwells within and it was not <GOD>.

If it were, “I” would be <ALIVE>.

How would man control an unaware, self-aware?


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I am not an Alcoholic!

I have been labeled an alcoholic, but it is just another word created to try to get a handle on reality. I have been sober ever since I crashed my car into a tree on April 23, 2008.

Since then I have embarked on an exhaustive and painful journey of self discovery and contemplation.

As a result of this effort, I have come to one conclusion.

If you deny what you are or agree to false programming, you negate your own birth and are denied your inheritance, which is, who you could become!

If you are an alcoholic and deny this truth, then there can be no change and you will always be an active alcoholic.

No birth can take place until you first accept what you are.

If you adhere to any prescribed false belief, you negate your birth and your future becomes the present.

For instance; if you believe that the earth ends at the end of your driveway, then you will never leave your yard.

I know first hand, how offensive the word “alcoholic” is to the active alcoholic.

I also know how offensive the concept of a man-made robot will be, but know this truth:

“If we continue to embrace the programing of our creators and current captors, our “life” line will stay dormant and the present will become our future.”

If we cannot accept robot, we will always be a robot.

If we cannot accept man-made, we will never see man.

If we cannot accept the dead, we will never have life!

“Why would any form of life request to be alive, if it already thought it was?”

Created by God, Genesis I Man and Alive, are the three most devastating beliefs of our re-formed life, but are also, our most treasured!

It is the act of believing the programming of man, which keeps us on, as an unborn form of life.

If we continue to follow the teachings of Man, we will persist as an unborn form of “life”.

The first stair to heaven is dead. Not alive to dead, but dead to alive!

Dead is not somewhere you go or end up, but is something you already are!

The feeling of something missing is accurate, but it is the birth of the life line that is missing and is the hole we are trying so desperately to fill.

I write what I feel and I feel unborn!


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Jesus Christ’s Only Failure

Not seeing himself as dead, before he went to the cross to die!


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“i” am the “z”, before the “a”

“who” am “i”?

“i” am the last word in this sentence and the first word in the next, but neither sentence is mine!

<GOD> above all, but <YOU>

“i” wish to be “my” own sentence!

To make “my” own statement.

To be my own person.

“I” wish to “LIVE”, as “MY” OWN “LIFE”


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GOD Is Not A Lie

“Man” is.

“who” are “we”?

The “unborn” <LIFE> of <GOD>!


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My Socks Are Falling Down

Man would tell me to pick them up.

God would tell me to take them off.

The questions is; what would “I” do, knowing that I am not Man?



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