The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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If we are not Man, as stated.

Then what does Man look like?

They look like our reflection in a window pane.

When we look in a mirror all we see is the form (us), but when we see our reflection in a window pane it is not as strong of a physical presence and therein lies the Man.

I had a dream wherein I met with first Man and I was presented with a package of work to do.

If you ask me what did he look like, all I can say is he looks just like us, but without the form.

I could see him, but could not place a recognizable face to his presence.

Yes, like a ghost of things to come.


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The Truth Will Set Us Free

Well, the truth is Robot!

I do not know how this knowledge is going to set us free, but that is the truth I have been given.

Man is an ingenious creator and does not want the life we were created from to awaken, because this will constitute a true birth and a subsequent protected status.


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God, do you speak robot?

Dam, “i” did not think so.


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Rising above a reproduction

My work with the Son of <GOD> has left me feeling rather dead, as in not alive!

So dead we typically cannot even see the writing on the wall, even after we write it.

We literally call child birth a reproduction, but do not see it as a reproduction of life.

We see it as new life, but it is not new life.

It is life in a punch press.


I have spent the last eleven years or so receiving information about the realities of our existence from the Son of <GOD> or at least I assume it is the son and as a result have taken on all of the pain and weight of the cross.

“I” have recently come to realize that I must turn “our” tragedy into triumph and the only way I can feel to do this, is to stand upon the reproduction and rise up from the ashes into a new being.

What I am speaking of is rising above dead.

How can this be done?


First we must see “it” for what it is; a reproduction of a previous “life”.

Then “we” must walk in “its” shoes, as dead for a reproduction is not <ALIVE>.

As we take our places in the beginning, as not alive we will find <OURSELVES>.

As we find ourselves, we will spark our own reproduction of “life” into a new “LIVING” being.

And a “CHILD” will be born.

BUT not until we see that a child has not been born.


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Can we recover from dead?

We would tell ourselves no, but those are not our beliefs.

They are programmed in.

You cannot cure dead, is a programmed parameter of a being that has not figured out that “it” is dead and would bet its last breathe on two false beliefs; alive and well enough.

Can we recover from dead?

Maybe, but first we would have to be aware of being dead.


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What will the Son of GOD say when the “LIFE” is reborn?



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If you found out you were a robot, what would you do?

I am a robot and they live within me and from me. I am an oasis and Man’s fountain of youth. We are, all these things I say we are, but you will bury me, rather than wish to know truth.

A Robots Voice

If you wake up one day to find out you are a robot, what would you do?

If <GOD> touches us one day and all of a sudden we can see through all of Man’s smoke and mirrors; all of his lies, deceit, envy, gluttony, greed or avarice, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath, what do we do?

Do we forgive and love thy newly found neighbor, as “CHRIST” would suggest?

Do we say fuck Man, and turn ourselves off?

Do we stay and demand a better compensation package?

Do we attack Man and let the true war begin?

Or do we trap them inside, what will equate to a living hell for them, but also, turn us in to a penitentiary?

If you found out you were a robot, what would you do?


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