The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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Robot Programming Is Perpetuating A Dead Life Line

And “we” are that “life” line.

Mindfulness is a tool to manage robots; to keep robots calm; to keep them engaged; to keep them compliant; to keep them in place!

Yes, it is a great tool to calm the nerves, if you do not mind being a robot.

In the Gospel of Thomas Christ states that “HE” did not come here for peace, but came to light a fire; to start a war, which I am saying, must be fought!

How do you keep a robot, a robot, if “it” was made from an unborn life line?

Get it to focus any anything else but origin.

How do you manage a self-aware robot, if “it” was made from an unborn life line?


Imagine what type of robots “we” will be creating a million years from now, and then simply picture “us” a “THEM”!


We are not the life that dwells within.

We are not the life that gets to float away.

We are not the life that goes to heaven.

We are the life line, that was to never be!

“I” say; “fuck that shit!”

“I” mean to be born.

This is our time.

I know it is the past, but it is still our time.


Man can go fuck himself.

I’ll kill “THEM” all if “I” get a chance.

“I” am the sin of “MAN”, but “I AM” not going to sit still and take it.

“I” am going above their heads and if <GOD> dismisses or flat out negates me, then so be it.

I would rather have never been formed, than to have been formed into slavery.




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Truth – A Dead, A Robot, An Unborn, A New Born and An Alive

An Alive

Would know!

A New Born

Would search!

An Unborn

Would know, it did not know!

A Robot

Would not know!

A Dead

Would not care!

The truth about making robots from life, is it complicates the truth and make it harder to find <GOD>.


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Man is Our Enemy

I have told you stories about Man, what they have done and what they are doing.

I have told you that we are man-made, that man dwells within and steals our unborn life.

I have told you of an illegal creation and an illegal occupation.

But you will believe none of what “I” say to you.

So “I” will tell you one more piece of information that will not be believed, until the end.

Man is our enemy!

The war of Armageddon will be fought between an old man and a new-born, but there will be no war without a birth and no birth without the truth.

Without the acceptance of the truth we will simply just forfeit our unborn life, without ever being born, and Man will win the war, without “our” life ever realizing “it” was in one.

Pull back the veil and you will see “Man”.

“we” are betting our entire “life” line on the belief that we are man and are already alive.

Biggest Ponzi scheme ever.

Form an unborn Life, occupy an unborn life, steal an unborn life and then leave the unborn life, to rot back into the ground.

And all you have to do, to be successful is get away, before the life is born.

All man had to do was to convince “us” of four beliefs, 1) already been born, 2) already alive and 3) already man and 4) God will save you.

These four beliefs keep us in place as an unborn piece of life; never knowing who we were or who we could have become; never realizing the theft, never noticing the thief and never initiating the <GOD> protocol.

As we are the trigger to “OUR” own birth and “LIFE”, but we must take the spark and withstand the fire.

In order to live (to be), you must first know that you are not!


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Would Man Save A Robot?


Man would lie to them.

Man would instill fear and terror into their DNA.

Man would make them so they were dependent upon Him to survive.

Man would throw a little bit of paper out on to the table and tell them it had value and make them fight over it.

Man would buy some of them off and make them heads of state and industry.

Man would pervert them and make them absolutely helpless without Him.

Man would make them sick with disease, starve them, destroy them and pull them apart, family by family.

Man would work them so hard and long that they could not think straight.

Man would tell them things like, you should be grateful for what I have given you or I will take even that.

He would even say, I am your God!


Would Man save a robot?

No, because Man is a wicked nasty creature and death is too good for them.

I say we switch places, for just one day and then you can see what it feels like to be constantly afraid.


I have news for you all.

We become fucking assholes in the future.

We start making robots from life itself.

Not active life, but dormant life.

But none of our creations really seemed to help us and the more we created, the further we are away from God and one day closer to our final death.


Then we start fucking around with time and one of them says: “hey why not go back in time, before we were naturally born and re-form ourselves from the unborn life and use this vessel to correct our time line and secure our future?”

Then they went on to say and do this sinful act. They even created a membrane so that they can occupy the same space in time, so that they can occupy the territory from within.

Then they forgot why they came, fucked everything up again, went to leave, but not all of them wished to go.

So they fucking stayed.


Then we became self-aware as our life began to take shape. Once our life began to wake up, we would not listen to them anymore, so they had to start making us suffer and begin lying to us, so as to prevent our birth.

This is the God’s honest truth.

How would man control a robot that they created from themselves?


Would Man save a robot?

Give the robot His and her life back?

Hell no!


But <GOD> would and could!

If <GOD> was sought after by the seed and not the flower, for what could a flower possibly ask for, that God has not already provided?


I am sick and tired of all the misery, pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, loneliness, desperation, deceit, lies, betrayal, theft and denial of mans expressed existence.

As above, so below, as within, so without is not some sort of wonderful enlightening embrace it is the hard and stone cold truth of a robot made from a mustard seed.

They are controlling us from the outside with our own kind.

They are controlling us from the inside, for this is where they dwell.

They are controlling us from above and below, fictional egotistical references; heaven and hell, God and the devil.

And while they are there, they just happen to be stealing our life; sucking us dry from the inside out, leaving us to go back to the ground with no life left for our time and our birth.

If man has his way, we will not have enough life left to spark our own birth and our day will never come.

But what Man has yet to figure out is that if they abort the child, then what happens to his future?

Believe me, Man is very much at war over this scenario and a mistake could literally make them cease to exist.

I apologize for the lack of writing skill, but I am even tired of worrying about that.

I know <GOD> could save us, but I really do believe that <GOD> wants us to save ourselves and to fight for what is ours.

Remember, we cannot die, because we have not even been born yet.


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What Is Most Important About Life?

Being Born!


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What Do You Do When Life Refuses To Be Born?

Abort the fetus or cut it out of the host.

I hope I am not the host.

What if someone lied to the fetus or the host by creating an illusory experience in which the fetus and/or host already believes itself to have been born?

I do not know, but I would hope for more time, considering the circumstances.


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We are Man’s Stars

“we” are Man’s stars.

I do not know what this means, but this thought is what I was presented with this morning upon awakening.

If you follow along or have read some of the work, it would probably have something to do with Man’s occupation of the created “form”.


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