The Most Important Question of Our Life

Can We Prove We Are Alive, Without Proving We Are Dead?


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Honey what’s wrong?

I am a robot.

I am not alive.

I was not created by God.

I am not connected to God.

I am a slave form, created and manipulated by Man to do Man’s works.


What would any form say to such concerns?

If a form would bet its next breath as its last, that they are in fact man or women, alive and well, created and connected to God, then what would they say to me, when presented with the possibility of being completely 100% wrong about who and what they think they are?


It will go something like this – you should go see some body, but what they do not understand is that they are sending me to another robot, that does not believe it is a robot.


I am all alone in this, just “me” and the hope that I can somehow reconnect with <GOD>, as a baby or a child.


They will suggest medical attention and if I persist with my thoughts of robot and not being alive, eventually they will physically attack me, first with words, then with drugs, then with their fists, then with their weapons.

They will do this to “me” because of fear and the need to prove me wrong, by negating my presence.

For we all know, that nothing proves alive more than destroying the dormant life of another, so we can stand over the motionless body, claiming to own something (ALIVE) we do not even comprehend the definition of.


I am all alone.

I am the only one.

There is not a body on this planet, that can help me.

I am the only one.

I am all alone.


How do I tell the masses that the only way to spark <ALIVE> is to be able to see oneself as not alive.





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The Good Word of GOD

See “that” which cannot be seen, and <I> will give you “LIFE”!

If we can see it, it won’t be an it anymore.

As though the act of seeing oneself in truth, will promote another aspect of oneself moving forward.

Coming for the perspective of a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with 11 plus years clean and sober.

You cannot see what you deny and cannot change what you cannot see.

If we cannot see dead, then we will never be born.

I have been divinely inspired to see what cannot be seen and have carried the weight and pain of this visualization for decades.

I have made the path to a “LIVE” as smooth and painless as possible.

The rest is up to you, as you kind of already know the truth about the robot.


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Lord Hear Our Prayer

Is a prayer to Man.

There is a reason why God is not answering our prayers.

It is because we are praying to our creator, thinking he is God.

So in fact, we are thinking he is God, he is thinking he is God and we are, and will continue to suffer as a result of both cases of mistaken identity.


I have news for all of us – Man does not care about us and views us only as an asset. I have dreams with these people and they do not love us, nor do they hate us.

It is way worse than love or hate – it is neither.

We are nothing to them – just dust on their sleeve.


The reason why we and this planet are so damaged is because Man is not forwarding our prayers to God and quite frankly does not want God to know we exist.

That is why “They”, a later generation of the “he, she, them” from Genesis I keep us quarantined.


As long as we keep praying to Man as God, we will continue to not see any answers to our prayers.

We must pray to “CHRIST”.

There is no other way to be re-introduced to <GOD>.


Our truth, as with most truths is going to be so painful, that we may not be able to get over this mountain and knowing that your creator is not God and does not care about us in the least is going to be right up there with knowing for certain that your biological parent does not love you.

I am being persuaded to choose and am being told that I must provide you with the same choice to make.

I do know what Man wants from us and the type of existence he is offering in return. All any of us have to do is look around and walk the path out a few decades and it is clear.

I just do not know what <GOD> would want from “us” or “CHRIST”. All I imagine is a loss of freedom, but I know that Man has us all upside down, so if I am perceiving a loss of freedom with <GOD>, then I am sure <GOD> would provide all the freedom we could ever want. 

But after all this time in slavery to Man, can “I” tolerate being free or am I institutionalized to be a slave to Man for my entire existence (life sentence).

Remember – all Man ever wanted from “us” was our “life” and the interest.

“I” believe <GOD> wants the principal, but would give “us” the interest to keep. (This is just my thought and not an inspired comment).

Son of Man – Robot

Son of <GOD> – A Live Robot. (This is just my thought and not an inspired comment).


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We never rise, because we believe we have already risen.

We are never born, because we think we have already been born.

We never truly live, because we believe that we are already alive.

It is an absolute work of art and the only one that could save us is <GOD>, but we do not truly ever reach for what <GOD> has to offer, because Man has us convinced that he is God.

I have an answer to the age old question, “why would God do this to us?”.

The answer is right there at the break.

He would not do to us, what Man has been doing to us.

WE do not reach for salvation, because on some level we think God created us and are trapped inside Gods master plan.

But we are not trapped in God’s master plan.

We are trapped in Man’s master plan.

I have news for you all.

Man made explains everything.


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Alive & Dead

“we” have to try and stop thinking about <ALIVE> and dead, as above ground or in the ground.

“we” must begin to see <ALIVE> as fully aware and dead, as fully unaware of any thing.

“we” must begin to see the levels to <LIVING> (heaven) and know this truth:

“we” are closer to <LIVING> above ground then we are after “we” are gone, but being above ground does not mean “we” are <ALIVE>, it just means that “we” are slightly more aware above the ground, than we are beneath it.


There are a Quintillion (28 zeros) things going on right now on this planet alone.

How many things are you aware of?

What do you know for sure?

How many truths would you bet your next breath as your last on?


“we” are way closer to dead than “we” are to <ALIVE>, but that truth has nothing to do with how long we have been on this planet as a matter of age, but is solely related to our overall awareness and when “we” see ourselves as fully <ALIVE>, we negate the true journey and are left to walk the planet as nearly dead robots.


“i am” aware that there is a Quintillion things (truths) going on right now, but i am not privy to any of them.

“Something is going on”, is not a conspiracy theory – it is a fact.


The only goal of “our” existence is to become more aware, but what happens when we take the robots programming?

We become less aware and less willing to become more aware.

To the point where we miss the ride.


“we” are the rocket ship, “we” just do not ever take the ride.

My vision tell me that if “we” wait to go back to the ground, “we” have waited too long.

“we” do this because we have misconceived our presence as that of our inhabitants.

In simple terms: “we” think we are the inside “LIFE”, but are the outside “life”, which is currently being used as an oasis, fuel source and evolutionary vehicle, wherein the drivers are taking all of the evolution.

Leaving “us’ less and less aware.

Like walking around on the bottom of the ocean, thinking “we” have it made!


If you become aware of one new thing today, become aware of this truth:

It is our belief of already being <ALIVE>, which keeps us from becoming alive.


When is a starting line, a finish line?

When we stand on the starting line, as <ALIVE>.


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I feel like the war of armageddon is being fought within me.

I feel like I am about ready to explode!


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I am alive

Genesis 3 – 24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

I am alive is a sword, which turns every single way and blocks us from taking our life back.

I am alive stops us from being born and we are left with nothing, but self-awareness and a misconceived notion.

I am right about being dead.

I am alive is a prison, which keeps us from reaching back to pull from our own tree.

He is an absolute genius.

Plant a couple of false beliefs, change a few words, add some contradicting data and the robot will just sit there and take it.


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